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Video production resources, guides, and how-to's

The Insider's Guide to Choosing the Right Video Production Company

There's a lot at stake. To get the right result, make sure you read this guide
before choosing a video production company.

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What makes a successful product video

Product videos are used to demonstrate the features and design of your product and showcase the things that will set you apart from your competitors. At Dream Engine Melbourne, we work with you to find your unique selling points and what methods will work…
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Filming against a green screen

Video Production Trends for 2016

If you’re involved in commissioning video productions to promote your business, train staff, and to communicate internally, this will be useful. Here’s what I consider to be the most important video production trends for 2016 that will help you use video more effectively: Single to…
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Dream Engine Corporate Video

How to Make a Corporate Video That Works

You want to make your business stand out so you’ve decided to invest in a corporate video for your company. Now you need to think about how to produce something that will drive results and people will want to watch. These days, your audience is…
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Health and Fitness Video

Video Information Products

Video information products Video information products are basically a series of videos that package up your very best information. You can then sell this as an information product to help your audience solve a challenge that they have. Or get educated fast through watching engaging…
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Video Production Storyboard

Video Production: A first timers guide

If you haven't worked with a video production company before, the first time you produce a video it can be a world that is unfamiliar and confusing. In such a situation the process is a completely new experience, and therefore it can sometimes be hard…
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