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video testimonials

How to Create Outstanding Video Testimonials

In the social media age, word of mouth is more important than ever for businesses. Imagine you have two restaurants side by side. They are both sell burgers. They both look great from the outside, but how do you choose which one you'll try? In the…
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Dream Engine Corporate Video

Telling your story in under 90 seconds

Video is the most popular way for marketers to communicate their campaigns. And one of the most powerful methods to tell your story is to create a corporate explainer video. We live in a world where it’s difficult to hold someone’s attention for more than…
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corporate explainer

Tips for Creating A Compelling Video Script

Videos should create an emotional connection with the audience. This is easier said than done, and achieving this requires careful planning and a strong foundation. That foundation comes from the script. Here are some tips for creating a compelling video script. Build Your Video Script…
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Video Productions of Melbourne

The Film and Video Productions of Melbourne

Over the years, Melbourne has played host to some great local and international films. The combination of diverse locations surrounding the city, Dockland Studios and a skyline that can pass off as New York/Los Angeles make Melbourne a great place to shoot a movie. Here…
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camera greenscreen

The Dream Engine Method

Here at Dream Engine we are constantly working to improve our methods and stay up to the minute with our shooting techniques. Video is a fast paced industry to be in and you have to stay relevant with new cameras, technology and software. Here’s a…
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