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Shooting an International Video with a Local Crew

Recently Dream Engine were involved in an international shoot orchestrated by an American production company based in California. The shoot centred around an up and coming Australian tech company who have created a voice activated drone, capable of precision flying without having to input fiddly…
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How to Make Your Corporate Video More Cinematic

A lot of corporate videos have a look and feel that just seems, well, corporate. They are polished and sure they might suit the company, but it doesn’t have to be this way. To add a sense of production value that many corporate videos are…
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How to Engage Your Audience Through Video

If you do not connect with your audience you will not engage them. This is why emotion is a critical element of effective communication through corporate video. A well told story is able to make that rare personal connection with your audience. By emotionally investing…
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How to Get the Best Sound For Your Corporate Video

Sound is such an integral part of the video production process, but sadly it is often an afterthought. Your video might look like a big budget Hollywood production, but if it sounds like two mosquitoes in a can then it’s all for nothing. Here are…
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How to Give Better Feedback

Corporate Video Production is a highly collaborative endeavour. Many pairs of hands will contribute to the end result you see on your screens. From writers, production crew, editors, even the on-set caterers have a hand in the success of your video. But when it comes…
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