Our Approach

Producing outstanding video content doesn’t just happen.

It takes focus, planning and exceptional attention to detail.

Our Approach

Our proven approach will protect your investment

At Dream Engine, we have established systems to ensure you achieve the best possible result. We work with you closely throughout, allowing regular opportunities for you to contribute and provide feedback.

Stage 1: Pre-production

Throughout pre-production, our goal is to thoroughly understand your business and project objectives. We listen carefully to your vision and transform your ideas into a production plan. 


This includes research, scripting, scheduling, and creating shot-lists.

Stage 2: Production

Production involves all the processes that occur during the actual filming.


We invite a representative from your business to attend the filming and to help us make onsite decisions (such as pronunciation and industry-specific terminology).

Stage 3: Post-production

Once we have edited your video to draft stage, we send you a password protected link so that you can view the video at your convenience, provide feedback and suggest changes. We then ask for more feedback as we place the finishing touches on your video.

Receiving your video

Our small size means you can always deal directly with our Managing Director, Ryan Spanger. As the owner of our business, Ryan is strongly motivated to ensure every project succeeds.


At Dream Engine, we also never outsource to untried and untested contractors. Our permanent team completes every project from beginning to end.

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