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call to action

Call to Action – A Guide for Video

A Call to Action is like a signpost for your site. It’s usually a button, image or link at the end of a video. When a user clicks on them, it takes them to the next step of the process, whether that is getting in…
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Video Marketing Strategy Tips for 2018

Creating a video marketing strategy plan for your business has never been more important. In this post we’ll take a look at why you need to be incorporating video into your marketing plan for 2018. People Want Video 75% of all web traffic now comes from…
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Video Production Diary – Ronson Gears website video

Creating a website video Ronson Gears is a Melbourne-based company that manufactures machine components and gears for leading companies in industries such as aerospace, mining and agriculture. Our job was to capture what they do in dynamic, visual way for a home page video for…
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Creating an Emotional Response with Corporate Video

We like to take the time to watch some of the best examples of corporate video to sharpen up our own storytelling skills. In our search we came across this powerful, emotional piece of storytelling from MetLife Hong Kong on YouTube. Here’s the video titled “My…
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Promotional Video

40th Anniversary Branding Video for Horseland

Late last year we were contacted by Horseland to create a branding video for their 40th anniversary. This was a great video to work on and in this post I'll take you behind the scenes on this awesome project. For anyone out there that isn’t a ‘horse person’,…
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