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Video Production Diary – Ronson Gears website video

Creating a website video Ronson Gears is a Melbourne-based company that manufactures machine components and gears for leading companies in industries such as aerospace, mining and agriculture. Our job was to capture what they do in dynamic, visual way for a home page video for…
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Promotional Video

40th Anniversary Branding Video for Horseland

We were contacted by Horseland to create a branding video for their 40th anniversary. This was a great video to work on and in this post I'll take you behind the scenes on this awesome project. For anyone out there that isn’t a ‘horse person’, you may not…
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Trade Show Video Footage

Making a Trade Show Video

Dream Engine were recently asked to make a video for Thermo King that would be presented at a trade show in Brisbane. Trade shows present a unique challenge, they tend to be very noisy so people may not hear a video. Audience’s also don’t necessarily stop…
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Making a Corporate Video: Clevertronics

Who is Clevertronics? Clevertronics is a Australian manufacturer of emergency exit signs. Chances are you've seen plenty of their products without ever knowing. The MCG and the Sydney Opera house are two of their most recognisable clients, but their exit signs are in thousands of buildings all…
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protein melbourne video

Case Study: Making a Product Video

Warrnambool Cheese and Butter (WCB) is a Victorian based dairy company with a new product they are excited to showcase through a product video. They got in touch with us here at Dream Engine to create a product video that demonstrates their product and all its…
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