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Episode 24

Podcast Episode #24: Pre-Production Advice with David Counsell

On this week's podcast, Inferno Marketing and design CEO and medieval armour enthusiast David Counsell to give you tips on pre-production and video strategies.
Pre-production Guru David Counsell Episode Notes Here are the key points for you: 1. David vs…
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marketing automation

Podcast Episode #23: Video Marketing Automation with Jake Hower

On this week's Web Video Marketing Show, Jake Hower Returns to talk about marketing automation with video.
Episode Notes Here are the key points for you: Recapping Jakes last podcast and strategy [5:02]. What's new with Jake and how has he changed in episode 4?…
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Podcast Episode #22: Advanced Interviewing Techniques

The tables have turned as Nick Hancock picks Ryan Spanger's brain on his approach and philosophy to filming interviews. Listen to these key points: Find out what interview style Ryan have been using lately and why [03:21]. Find out the differences between documentary video and…
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Some of Dream Engine's editors

Podcast Episode #21: 7 Key Principles for Video Editing

Today, Ryan Spanger is joined by Nick Hancock as the Web Video Marketing Show discusses their 7 Key Principles for Video Editing.
Their key points are: To take people on a ride [02:07]. As Ryan explains, "people want to be taken on an exciting ride." Editing…
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Podcast Episode #20: Documentary Sales Videos

Today the Web Video Marketing Show is sitting down with marketing expert Sam Cook, the owner of Prism Communications. Ryan and Sam have recently traveled across America recording sales videos for Sam's clients, and today's podcast allows them to explain how they've mastered the art…
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