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Podcast Episode 19: David Jenyns: Sales Video Scripts

Today, the Web Video Marketing Show will be sitting down with internet marketing expert and all round good guy David Jenyns.
Dave is a marketing and search engine optimisation expert, and runs a company called Melbourne SEO services. I've attended one of Dave's courses,…
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Podcast Episode 18: The Secrets to Writing Great Web Video Scripts

On today's podcast, we identify some simple steps that can have an immediate and beneficial effect on how you write web video scripts.
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Ryan Spanger's interview tips for video

Podcast Episode #17: Interview Tips for Video Production

On today's episode of the Web Video Marketing Show podcast, Ryan and Nick discuss: Our seven tips for a successful video interview. Find out the philosophies of interviewing, and the simple steps you can follow to have a more engaging interview - and a better…
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Zen and the Art of Video Production

Podcast Episode #16: Zen and the Art of Video Production

Today on our Web Video Marketing Show podcast, Ryan is joined by Nick Hancock, Dream Engine's Studio Manager. Ryan and Nick discuss: How It's Not About The Camera: you can splurge all of your money on a tricked-up camera kit and lenses, but there are cannier, smarter ways…
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Podcast Episode #15: Building your Business Using Video

Today's podcast is all about building your business by harnessing one of the fastest-growing areas of the web: video.
Have you read a book called "Crush It!" by Gary Vaynerchuk? I read it a last year, and I found it incredibly interesting. I strongly recommend…
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