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The Bayside Group provides recruitment services across Australia and overseas.


Create a short, punchy 3 minute video that captures the way our clients and candidates perceive us, and the value we deliver to them. Demonstrate that we are passionate about people, service and innovation. Create a video that will make us stand out, and capture the attention of the viewer.


Dream Engine interviewed a range of clients and candidates for the video, capturing the essence of their experience with the Bayside Group, and the benefits they have received. The interviews were filmed in a ‘green screen’ environment in order to remove the background and insert a range of imagery. Visual effects and animated text were added in the edit to create a striking effect and command the attention of the viewer.


The Bayside Group have added a powerful marketing tool to their arsenal. The video has been incorporated into client presentations to capture attention, set the organisation apart, and more sharply define their offering.

From The Client

"The corporate video is being shown across the branches and states. Our Directors are very proud of it and are showing it off whenever they can get a chance."


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