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The Insider's Guide to Choosing the Right Video Production Company

There's a lot at stake. To get the right result, make sure you read this guide
before choosing a video production company.

How to Receive Feedback on your Creative Work

Receiving feedback for your creative work can be confronting. We inject a lot of ourselves into our creative work, and it can be challenging to see whether the work is measuring up to our client’s expectations. At the same time, receiving feedback is one of…
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20 Lessons from 20 Years in Video Production: A Manifesto

A collection of thoughts that I have curated, dreamed up or borrowed to remind myself how to stay on track in the journey of building a video production company. If the Story You’re Telling Yourself is no Longer Working, You Can Replace it With a…
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How to Create a Video Content Marketing Campaign

Video content marketing is one of those things that has gone from a buzzword, to something switched on business are doing, to something that you basically have to do these days to stay relevant. Here’s how you can get started:   Video Content Marketing basically…
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Web Video Script Formula

Quite a few of our clients are getting into making short videos for Youtube or Linkedin like this one. But when they get started they’re often not sure what to cover, or what structure to use. So I made this web video script formula for…
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How To Make a Good Case Study Video

How to make a testimonial video Case Study videos are really powerful. Capture the stories of your best customers. Ask them to talk about what it was like working with you. The impact you’ve had on them. At Dream Engine we make a lot of…
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