Video Production Trends for 2019

As 2019 begins, it’s a good time to think about your video production strategy for the upcoming year. Here are 5 growing trends in video production that we feel are important to consider:

Increasing importance of Instagram vs Facebook

When it comes to Social Media, Instagram is where it’s at. Facebook has had a number of challenges over the previous year: from privacy breaches, manipulation by bots, and a general tiredness with the format. Audiences are increasingly embracing Instagram. Whether this is because of it having a cleaner, fresher look, or the simplicity of just engaging with an image/video, Instagram is growing at Facebook’s expense. This won’t be worrying Facebook too much, since it owns Instagram.

The important thing is that you build your presence on Instagram, and grow it as a distribution medium.

Internal Video Content Creation

Increasingly, a fully formed video production strategy involves working with a video production company, as well as generating some content internally. While it’s best to leave it to the video production experts to create customer-facing videos, some content such as internal videos and social media videos can be produced by enthusiastic staff with some training. There’s something powerful about the immediacy of being able to grab an iPhone and capture something quickly. But it’s important to make sure that your staff have the proper training. As well as whether it’s worth bogging them down for hours to do the editing, when it can be more efficient and cost effective to leave this to your video production company.

Vertical Video

Wide screen video looks more interesting and cinematic. But vertical video, the kind you see in your social media feed, get you lots more screen real estate. People scroll through social media with their phone facing vertically. And they often don’t spin their phone around to hold it in a landscape fashion when watching videos. So we need to think increasingly about the importance of vertical video when social media will be your main distribution platform.

Drone Shots

People love drone shots. They look cool. They give you another perspective. And they add movement and visual interest. A few years ago drone shots were a luxury. Now they’ve become a standard part of many video productions. Importantly though, make sure that if you do incorporate drone shots into your video production, that the shot is motivated. That it serves a purpose. And adds to the story.

Repurposing Video Content

Get the most out of the content that you already have by using it in different ways. Create different versions of your videos depending on whether they’re going on the home page of your website, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. Experiment with different calls to action. Compile aspects of different videos into new videos. Add outtakes or behind the scenes videos to your Facebook business page. Blooper videos can also work in the right context. Harness your content to get the most value and reach.

So, as 2019 rolls on, think about how you can incorporate these aspects to help develop your video production strategy.



 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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