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Shooting Role-Play Videos: MIPS

Here at Dream Engine we were approached by one of our long term clients MIPS (Medical Indemnity Protection Society), to create a series of four medical role play videos, about doctors dealing with unexpected problems with patients. As producer of this video, I oversaw the…
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call to action

Call to Action – A Guide for Video

A Call to Action is like a signpost for your site. It’s usually a button, image or link at the end of a video. When a user clicks on them, it takes them to the next step of the process, whether that is getting in…
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Making a Corporate Video: Clevertronics

Who is Clevertronics? Clevertronics is a Australian manufacturer of emergency exit signs. Chances are you've seen plenty of their products without ever knowing. The MCG and the Sydney Opera house are two of their most recognisable clients, but their exit signs are in thousands of buildings all…
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Corporate Video Trends of 2017

Mobile Growth 2017 has seen a tipping point in online video. Over 50% of online video is watched with a mobile device. This means that traditional corporate video needs to shift to focus on the new market watching almost all their video content through mobile…
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social media web

Video for Mobile

Keeping up with Mobile Video Over half of your business website traffic comes from mobile devices. Whether it’s tablet’s or smartphones, people aren’t looking at content the same way they used to. Of course you should already be aware of the rise of mobile viewerships…
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