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Russell Athletic Promotional Video

Here at Dream Engine, we were approached by one of our regular clients, Russell Athletic (and their parent company Spalding and football brand Sherrin) to film a high energy promotional video to show off their new line of athletic wear, Invisidri and Techsweat. We selected the Richmond…
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Sam Bashiry: Entrepreneur Video

Sam Bashiry is an Australian entrepreneur and founder and Director of Broadband Solutions. Broadband Solutions is a fast-growing technology company that provides high-speed internet access for conferences, schools and other sectors where increased bandwidth is required. Sam wanted to tell a story about his childhood…
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Stryker Ambulance Training Videos

Stryker is a name you may not be familiar with, but if you ever need to take a trip in an ambulance, you’ll be glad that they are there. Stryker are a worldwide company that manufactures stretchers and trolleys for patient transport in ambulances. We…
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Fulton Hogan Sustainability Video

Recently we were commissioned to create a short video for Fulton Hogan to showcase the work they have been doing to create a sustainable method of construction and infrastructure works. Fulton Hogan have been operating in New Zealand for over 80 years and have recently…
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Social Media for Video

If you are using social media to market your company (which you should be), it is wise to tailor your videos to make the most of the strengths and quirks of each channel. Here are a few things you should know. YouTube YouTube is by…
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