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Dream Engine has over eighteen years of experience in working with medium
& large corporates, government departments and universities
in Melbourne.

“I would highly recommend Dream Engine. Their craft, and their artistry with the camera, was incredible. It really meant something to them that we had a great product.”
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Cory headshot
Cory Hedin
Chief Retail Officer
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Dream Engine Clients

The Florey
“Dream Engine is a team of professionals. They care immensely about the work they do. They’re gentle, patient, very kind and intuitive. And I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.”
Amanda Place
Head of Corporate Communications

“I would recommend Dream Engine really highly. Everything I’ve ever received from them has always been of the highest quality.”
Robert Brown
Grafx Lab Manager

“I would work with them again. Life-savers and all round amazing filmmakers. Thanks for your help!”
Claire Tailyour
Director, BBC Witness

“The quality of the videos is excellent. I would definitely recommend Dream Engine. The experience has always been positive.”
Caterina Nesci
Marketing Manager

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Dream Engine Clients

College of Intensive Care Medicine
When it came to production we knew exactly what was going to happen and there were no surprises. It was a great process.
Lisa Davidson
Marketing Manager
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“Thank you so much Ryan… you and James have been an incredible help!
The business loved the video.”
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Anditi HeadshotAditi Sabnis
Manager, Events and

“The South Australian Ambulance Service has been mesmerised by your skills and craft and appreciative of your professionalism.”
Meredith Knowler
Manager, Infrastructure Planning & Improvement

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“The CEO of my organisation was extremely impressed. He was walking on cloud 9 for a week, very proud of the fact that the Organisation he runs produced such a quality product.”
Alex Doran
Communications Manager

“We presented the final outcome to the client and, really, they were overwhelmed. They hadn’t had something so good in the past. It’s a fantastic result.”
Troy Tonkin

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PERFECT!! There were some tears in the audience. Honestly, the brief was as tough as it gets. We really do appreciate the brilliant work you did. And will be sure to use your services moving forward.”
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Ty Robinson
Head of Marketing


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“The thing that separates Dream Engine from other production companies that I’ve worked with is their sense of partnership: They feel as much responsibility about the successful completion of the project as I do. That’s really hard to find.”
Bill Anderson,
Senior Video Producer
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“I cannot explain how happy we are with the video. Everyone I have shown so far has fallen in love with it, including our executive team. I am so impressed with the way you put the video together.”

Anthony Melhem
Product Manager

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“I found Ryan a delight to work with. He is diligent, creative, reliable and very flexible. It is a delight to recommend Ryan, and his company Dream Engine.”

Franziska Wagenfeld

Investment Manager

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“Dream Engine has been an excellent partner with this Beyond Blue funded project, contributing not only technical expertise but making a substantial conceptual and creative contribution.”
Dr Grant Blashki
University of Melbourne

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