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3 Videos You Should Definitely Have on Your Website

Everyone says you should be using video to promote your business. But if you’re new to video, where should you start? Here are 3 of the best ways to start using video to promote your business.             Customer Testimonial videos…
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anniversary video

Anniversary Video Production: Motorola Solutions Australia

Motorola Solutions recently celebrated its 50th anniversary of working in Australia. The company asked Dream Engine to produced a short video to commemorate the anniversary. The purpose of the video was to show at a live event that was being held to celebrate the milestone.…
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Paul Kelly camera

How to Interview Someone on Video

Being able to interview someone really well on video is a skill. It’s an art. But it’s something that can be learnt and practised. It’s something worth learning. Because it will have a big impact on the quality of the content you produce. The most…
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Conference Video in Melbourne: How to Get the Best Result

Once you decide to make a conference video to capture your upcoming event in Melbourne, the first step is to get clear on the purpose of the video. Do you want to: °Capture and share the event with people who couldn't be there? °Create a…
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Video Subtitles Sidecar File

How to Create Videos Subtitles

Subtitles have long been useful for the hearing impaired and fans of foreign language cinema but log on to social media and you’ll soon see they’re now everywhere. In this post you’ll learn why you should be adding video subtitles (especially on social media), and…
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