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Zoom chat for live video

How to be in a Remote Video Production

What is Remote Video Production? Remote video production is a new, and increasingly popular, way of producing videos without in-person contact. Remote video production is becoming more common....
video pitch

Video Production Pitch: Smart Strategy or Not?

Planning on commissioning a video production? How can you ensure that you choose the best Melbourne video production company to get the right result? And should you consider...
inhouse outsource

Inhouse and Outsource Video Collaboration

In this video, Ryan is interviewed by Carlos Bido of 10×10 Studios in New York about the growing trend of the collaboration between the video production company and...
Pre-recorded live stream videos

Pre-Recorded Live Stream Videos

Live streaming is becoming more and more popular among businesses as the new way to communicate to employees and potential customers. Organisations have changed the way they share...
storyboard for animation

The Animation Process

The Steps in Animated Video Creation Whether you’re working with a video production company, or having a go at creating the animation yourself, it’s vital to understand the...