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Are you looking for a Melbourne animation studio to create an animated explainer or motion graphics video for your business?

Explainer videos are a powerful way to help people understand and remember your brand.

Animation Video Makes Complex Concepts Easy to Understand

Animated video content helps make complicated ideas easy to understand. That’s why Corporate Explainer Videos work so well. They make abstract ideas concrete and understandable. Our animation studio helps you to transform static text into short, punchy and engaging clips that audiences actually enjoy watching.

Eliminate the Need for Filming

The social distancing restrictions due to Covid-19 have meant that it’s been challenging for Melbourne businesses to do filming. Using animated videos during this time is the perfect solution to continue video marketing. Video animation enables you to keep getting your message out there through social media, and communicating with your audience. There’s no need to physically attend meetings or filming sessions with a video production company. The creative process can all be managed remotely.

Motion Graphics Adds Flair to Your Videos

When you need your corporate videos to really stand out and have that wow-factor, animated videos is a simple and powerful way to achieve this. Adding elements such as moving titles using After Effects, colour grading and full animated sequences can really lift the quality of your video production and add engagement to your video.

Choose from a Range of Animated Video Styles

There are many styles to choose from for your project. We can help you select the right approach depending on the message that you need to communicate, as well as your budget: 2D, whiteboard style, 3D, character animation or animated explainer videos. Watch the example video at the top of this page to see a range of approaches that you could use for your next animated explainer video.

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