What Do AIA, IBM and BMW Have in Common?

They’ve all chosen Dream Engine for their corporate, event, web or training videos.

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What Sets Dream Engine Apart?

Over 18 Years of

Dream Engine is one of Melbourne’s leading video production companies.

We’ve specialised in making powerful video productions for over 18 years. Dream Engine has worked with some of the world’s most well-known brands, including BBC, IBM, and BMW.

Please view the video above. This is the level of quality and results you should expect when working with Dream Engine.

A Proven Process

Dream Engine is a full-service production company. We take full responsibility for your project: from developing the initial concept, filming and editing, to the best way to share your video.

We’ll guide you through, step by step. You’ll understand exactly where you are in the process, and what’s coming up next.

Our proven systems have achieved successful results for many of Australia’s most prominent businesses.

Creativity That Is
Results Focused

It’s one thing to create great looking video, which is what we do. We’re just as focused on producing the right type of video.

One that will really resonate with your audience. That will drive them to take the action that you need them to take. Which, ultimately, is what video production is all about.

You Work Is Guaranteed

We’re satisfied once you’re completely happy.

When it comes to the editing, we’re happy to continue working on your project until you are 100% satisfied.