Why Choose Dream Engine?

The perfect blend of talent, experience and reliability

We’re creative – yet business-minded

At Dream Engine, we believe that producing creative and engaging videos is only half the story.


As business-minded professionals, we focus on results. We go to lengths to meet your brief, budget, timelines and objectives – while also prioritising your video's production values and creative execution.

We’re specialists. Video production is all we do.

As you search for a video production partner, you’ll find many companies that provide a range of creative services. Video production being just one of the many they offer. But at Dream Engine, video production is all we do. It’s our specialty. Choosing an expert is the best way to guarantee a smooth process and a superior result – every time.

A small, dedicated team

Our small size means you can always deal directly with our Managing Director, Ryan Spanger. As the owner of our business, Ryan is strongly motivated to ensure every project succeeds.


At Dream Engine, we also never outsource to untried and untested contractors. Our permanent team completes every project from beginning to end.

How Do You Safeguard our Work?

At Dream Engine, we store all of our data on enterprise class drives on a RAID 5 system. RAID 5 drives are less likely to malfunction and are an extremely safe way to back up data. If a drive does fail, it will replicate and rebuild the project. For even more peace of mind, we also store source video tapes and cards in a fireproof safe.

We don’t believe in surprises

At Dream Engine, we check in with you regularly as your project takes shape to ensure we stay on course. This ensures the draft of your video will already be closely aligned with your goals and expectations.


There’ll be no surprises at invoice time either. We quote fixed prices and keep within budget at all costs.

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