Our Managing Director

Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and
sought-after video production professionals.

A website video that gets the phone ringing. A training video that your team actually wants to watch. Or a corporate video that really sets you apart from your competitors. This is what Ryan Spanger does. Ryan’s mission is creating incredible business videos that get results.

Since childhood, Ryan’s dream was to make films. He also had a strong passion for entrepreneurship. He studied film at Melbourne University, and went on to complete a Postgraduate Diploma at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Starting work in the video production industry as a freelancer, Ryan quickly discovered that most production companies were very focused on trying to make nice looking films. But their videos often neglected the needs of their clients. In fact, they seemed more interested in being artists than driving the right results for their clients.

He realised there was an opportunity to serve businesses far more effectively with video, and this was when Dream Engine was born.

Ryan behind the camera

Since 2001, Dream Engine has produced videos for many of the world’s most recognised brands including BMW, IBM, The BBC and Moet & Chandon. He’s also helped many fast-growth, medium size companies to communicate, sell and train more effectively by using video.

Over that time, Ryan’s had the opportunity to shoot video for clients around the world, win awards, and present on stage about video and marketing.

His writings on film and video have been featured in publications such as The Age, Australian Anthill and Metro Screen.

video crew behind camera

As Dream Engine grew, Ryan’s most powerful learning was that there’s an art and science to creating business videos that not only look good, but inspire and compel audiences to take action.

He’s now developed and refined a method to crystalise the results businesses need, and to create videos to help make that happen.

Ryan is committed to his mission of working with businesses to apply the Dream Engine method, and make videos that get them the results they need.

Ryan presenting