Here at Dream Engine we have had over 15 years experience in shooting high quality interviews. In this post we will go through our interview techniques for shooting interviews that represent your subject and are appropriate for the story you want to tell. Creating a “look” for interviews There are no fixed rules when it […]

Recently Dream Engine were involved in an international shoot orchestrated by an American production company based in California. The shoot centred around an up and coming Australian tech company who have created a voice activated drone, capable of precision flying without having to input fiddly GPS co-ordinates. It’s ground breaking stuff, and they wanted to […]

Over the years, Melbourne has played host to some great local and international films. The combination of diverse locations surrounding the city, Dockland Studios and a skyline that can pass off as New York/Los Angeles make Melbourne a great place to shoot a movie. Here we’ll take a look at some of the best video productions of […]

Broadband Solutions are a Melbourne-based company that provide tailor-made phone and internet solutions for a wide range of clients. Here’s how we used video to help them stand out from the crowd! The Brief Dream Engine were contacted by Broadband Solutions to make a series of web videos. These web videos, including a range of case study videos […]

In thinking about how you can get your message out there with credibility and authenticity, it is worth drawing on some of the elements that make documentary video such an engaging and powerful form of communication…