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The Insider's Guide to Choosing the Right Video Production Company

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Applying the Documentary Approach to Corporate Video

In thinking about how you can get your message out there with credibility and authenticity, it is worth drawing on some of the elements that make documentary video such an engaging and powerful form of communication...
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Video Marketing vs. Video Production

Video Production is the process whereby video is conceptualised, planned, written, filmed, edited and distributed. Video Marketing, on the other other hand, focuses on the way that video is integrated into a marketing campaign. So video marketing is more focused around strategy, planning, and connection…
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Videos with a Heartbeat: Access a healthy audience through film

It's challenging to clearly explain or communicate complex health and medical issues. Especially when an audience may not have much prior knowledge. Or when you are trying to communicate with a large and diverse audience.
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How to Reach then Teach an Audience: The Value of Educational Video

Educational videos are an excellent tool to help teach an audience about your topic, service or product. More and more often, Schools, Universities and Training Organisations in Melbourne have made educational videos an important part of their teaching approach. Some of the benefits of using…
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How to Prepare for a Video Production

Planning on commissioning a video production? Here are some tips to get you started...
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