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Event Video Production in Melbourne: How to Get it Right

You’ve decided to make a video of your upcoming event in Melbourne. We’ve been filming corporate events, conferences and speeches in Melbourne for over 15 years. Here's the process we’ve developed and refined. It will help you to get the most out of your next…
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Website Background Video: How to Get it Right

Website video backgrounds grabs your attention. And look impressive. But does that mean that you should you have one on your website?
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How To Get the Video Production you Want. And Enjoy the Journey!

Preparing for Your Video Production Journey Acclaimed French film director Francois Truffaut was famously quoted as saying, “Making a film is like a stagecoach ride in the old west. When you start, you are hoping for a pleasant trip. By the halfway point, you just…
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Real Estate Video Image

Creating a Real Estate Video

Creating a real estate video isn’t too different from shooting any other video. If you’re selling a property and you want to give it the best possible chance to get sold for a good price then a sub par video might mean selling for less.…
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Recruitment Video

4 examples of great recruitment videos.

If the goal of recruiting is to get many good candidates applying (so you can pick the best ones) then having a recruitment video is essential. Recruitment videos are a great tool for finding new staff. This is because video can get people excited in…
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