Promotional Video Case Study:

Australian Refrigeration Council

The ARC Ltd is the peak body for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in Australia. The ARC handles licensing and education in the refrigeration industry, with an aim to reduce environmental impacts of climate control.

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video


We were approached by the Australian Refrigeration Council to create a promotional corporate video that would encourage students to consider a career in the refrigeration industry. The video needs to challenge perceptions about the climate and cooling industry, engage a younger audience, and show them the possibilities of where a career in the industry can lead.


In order to engage a younger audience, we chose to shoot a fast-paced, energetic video that emphasised movement. Editing, music choice and the use of our camera stabilising rig allowed us to present an exciting look at three different paths in the industry.


The video has been extremely well received within the industry, as well as being rolled-out to schools and TAFEs across the country. The video is being distributed on USB drives to students attending conferences and career days.


What it was like working with Dream Engine on this Promotional Documentary

“I would recommend Dream Engine without hesitation – I’ve worked with them many times and I’ve never been let down. The CEO of my organisation was extremely impressed, he was walking on cloud 9 for a week, very proud of the fact that the organisation he runs produced such a quality product.”

Alex Doran,
General Manager,
Communications and Business Development, Australian Refrigeration Council