College of Intensive Care Medicine

Promotional Documentary case study

The College of Intensive Care Medicine is an organisation that trains Doctors to become Intensive Care Specialists. The College represents over 800 Intensive Care Medical Specialists, and is based in Melbourne.


There are many specialisations that Doctors may choose to follow. Create a video that captures what makes Intensive Care such an interesting, challenging and fulfilling career path.


We were able to gain access to Intensive Care wards in Melbourne Hospitals to capture an authentic vision of the life of an Intensive Care Specialist. Through interviews, we uncovered the motivations of what prompted the Specialists to pursue Intensive Care, and what makes it such a fascinating and fulfilling career path.


The video is being used as an educational and promotional tool on the College of Intensive Care Medicine Website, and is being distributed at University Days and Conferences.

From The Client

"I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. I think the video's fantastic. I think it gets our message across, and I think it's really professional."


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