Government video case study:

Moonee Valley City Council

The City of Moonee Valley is the local government in north-west metropolitan Melbourne that is responsible for the maintenance of public infrastructure and providing services to the community. They employ 350 staff that serve approximately 118,000 residents.

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Inner urban municipalities in Melbourne are seeing a lot of medium density development, with a number of new apartments and units being built. This is a concern to some residents that don’t fully understand why its happening, and are concerned that their amenity will be negatively impacted by the associated population growth.

The City of Moonee Valley needed to help explain to residents why development is increasing in the area, and how the Council is regulating it. The Council chose video as a way of educating their residents, as well as encouraging discussion in a Community Consultation.


Dream Engine made a documentary-style video with a presenter filmed in various parts of the municipality. The presenter outlined the challenges in an engaging and easily understood way. He empathised with the concerns of the residents, and educated them on a range of perspectives regarding Development and housing density.


The Council placed the video on their website, and emailed their list of interested residents. In addition, the video was presented at a public forum about the issue. The video helped to raise discussion in an inclusive, non-polarising way, and encouraged residents to share their vision for the future of the City.


What it was like working with Dream Engine on this TV Commercial

“What mattered to us was getting a company that would be very hands on and committed to developing a video that would fulfil our objectives. Dream Engine fit that profile.”