Training video case study:


The ROIG Group is a specialist retail consultancy company that teaches business best practice to clients around the world.

Setting up video equipment for green screen interview

Camera crew preparing for shot

Good Guys employee smiling

Looking at the shot through the camera monitor

Interview shot


The ROIG Group, based in the United States, gained a major client in Melbourne Australia – The Good Guys – based at Essendon Fields in Melbourne. They needed to hire a video production company in Melbourne that had the same level of commitment, reliability, and attention to detail as their video production partners in the States.


Dream Engine supplies ROIG with a video production team who work Australia-wide. Dream Engine has supplied video production crews in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne to shoot, and completes editing in their Melbourne studio.

In the beginning, ROIG would ensure they had a producer on-location in Australia for every shoot. Now, they are comfortable enough to keep their producers in the USA, and delegate their work in Australia to Dream Engine. Some of the work Dream Engine has taken on include:

  • Completing pre-production for upcoming shoots
  • Commissioning local voiceovers
  • Editing content for staff training videos
  • Completing pre-edits on footage to make it easier for their Stateside editors
  • Supplying footage to the USA via hard drive courier.


ROIG are able to supply their client with high-quality finished videos that have been produced by Dream Engine. By not having to send a producer to every shoot in Australia, ROIG are saving time and money.


What it was like working with Dream Engine on this Training Video project

“The thing that separates Dream Engine from other production companies that I’ve worked with is the sense of partnership that they have. I needed to work with somebody… who felt as much responsibility about the successful completion of a project as I do. That’s really, really hard to find. And I found that in Dream Engine.”