Documentary case study:

The Nursing and Midwifery Health Program

The NMHP is a counselling and support service for nurses, midwives and students of nursing. It provides a range of services that are designed to support individuals seeking help to manage their health concerns.

Man talking on video

Woman looking concerned

Woman walking dog in park


The NMHP wanted to encourage more nurses and midwives to be aware that the service exists, and how to make contact if they need support. Also, to help them understand how the process works, the type of support available to them, to give the service a human face so that viewers find it welcoming and human.


We created a documentary-style healthcare video production profiling one of their clients telling her story. It demonstrated the challenges that she was having, why she approached the service and how they were able to help her. Choosing the case study format to do this was powerful because it gave a real life example that viewers can relate to, rather than just presenting theory.


The NMHP now have a video on their website that gives visitors a clear understating of how the service works, and how they can get support. In addition, the Organisation presented the video at a national conference. The NMHP now have a communication tool that demonstrates to other associated organisations and government funding bodies how they work and the benefits they deliver.


What it was like working with Dream Engine on this TV Commercial

Powerful shooting and I love the feel of it and the dialogue. A touching piece of work.