Copyright, Insurance and Fees

Who owns the rights to our video?

At Dream Engine, our policy is very simple: as soon as your video production work is delivered and paid for, you own the copyright. You’ve commissioned the work and it’s yours to use however you wish.

You might be surprised to learn that many video production companies insist on retaining copyright of their clients work.

Does Dream Engine have public liability insurance?

Yes. We are covered for $20 million.

We know the type of video we want. How do we know what’s a reasonable budget?

Showing us examples of the type of video you’re looking for is a great place to start. We can then show you similar videos that we have produced in a range of budgets.

We have a fixed budget. How can we be sure we’ll get value for money?

It’s our job to produce the right video for the right budget. Dream Engine creates videos for all ranges – and we understand that budgets are rarely flexible.

What if the project ends up costing us more than what we were originally quoted?

At Dream Engine, we charge fixed prices. So you always know upfront what your project will cost. We can do this because we ask you a lot of questions in the early stages to ensure your quote is accurate.

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