The Briefing Process

A successful video production process starts with a great brief

How do we ensure our brief is what you want?

It’s our job to ensure your brief is meaningful and informative – not yours.


First, we will ask you to get your thoughts down in writing. We make this easy for you, by asking the right questions when you request a quote. This is a simple online form that will help us understand:

  • the purpose of your project
  • the message you wish to communicate
  • your target market
  • the unique benefits of your offering
  • what marketing materials you already have (e.g. other videos, brochures).

How do we set a budget for our project?

Meet with all of the relevant stakeholders in your organisation and try to establish a budget range for the video production project.

And then what happens?

Once you have a rough idea, we can show you a range of video production projects and their associated budgets. This will help us set a more specific budget for your production.

What’s the best way to communicate the style of video we are after?

Showing us examples of the type of video you are looking for is a great place to start. We will then ask you some specific questions about what you have in mind. For example, do you want a narrator or presenter delivering the information? Or would you prefer text captions or a documentary style video?


Next, we’ll show you examples of our work that (we believe) to be similar to what you want. You can then tell us what you like and don’t like about each and we take it from there.

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