The Production Process

"It’s our first time producing a video. How does it all work?"

We’re here to guide and advise you throughout. That’s our job. Over the years, Dream Engine has refined an effective approach for creating successful video productions.

How involved will we need to be throughout the process?

You won’t need to hold our hand. However, we will encourage you to share information, contribute ideas and provide feedback throughout. This makes sure that your project stays on track, and that you receive the video that best meets your needs.

Our staff will be appearing in the video and they’re nervous about it. How can we prepare them?

Dream Engine has had a lot of experience preparing and coaching non-professional actors and presenters. We know how to help people feel at ease and look their best.

How many rounds of changes can we make to the video?

‘Changes’ refers to alterations or additions that you may wish to make at the editing stage. With Dream Engine, you can make changes at three stages: the rough cut, the fine cut, and one final opportunity at the completion of the edit (final cut).

How do you safeguard our work?

At Dream Engine, we store all of our data on enterprise class drives on a RAID 5 system. RAID 5 drives are less likely to malfunction and are an extremely safe way to back up data. If a drive does fail, it will replicate and rebuild the project. For even more peace of mind, we also keep an offsite backup of your video files until your project has been completed and delivered to you.

What if we don’t like the finished video?

After more than 12 years producing videos, we know how to safeguard you from this outcome. Our proven systems and process ensure we stay on course and that the completed video accurately matches your brief.


For example, we regularly check in with you as the project takes shape. And we never progress to a subsequent stage unless you have approved the one before.

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