Motion Graphics for video production

What can Motion Graphics do for your video?

Motion Graphics are one of the most versatile and engaging tools in video production. Learn how they can help your business.

What are Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are a type of animation. They are computer generated moving images which often include text and symbols. These visuals are a great tool to help communicate ideas to viewers. Instead of simply explaining something verbally, these graphics can work as a visual aid to help the audience understand an idea. They also have the ability to emphasise a key message or call to action. For example, let’s say you own a business that sells products and you are about to launch something new. This new product is something your customers have never seen before so to help them understand what it is, how it works, and what the benefits are, you create an instructional video using motion graphics. A voiceover explains and delivers the information to the viewer, while the visuals further demonstrate the idea.

Types of visuals 

There are three main categories of motion graphics: emotive, explainer, and promotional. Emotive visuals, as its name suggests, aim to cause an emotional response from the viewer. It’s a way of connecting with an audience on a deeper level and ultimately making a lasting impression. The second category is explainer or instructional videos. They are ideal for informing customers of a new product or service on offer. They explain in detail what the product is and how it works. These videos can also be excellent educational tools for training staff members. The last category is promotional. These videos have the sole purpose of generating awareness and interest for a product or service. All three of these categories have the potential to benefit your business.




Let’s talk about how you could incorporate graphics into your next video. One of the easiest ways is to animate your brand’s logo. This could involve adding movement to different elements of the logo, or even making it 3D. This can then be used in all of your video marketing content. A distinct, recurring image will help establish your brand and create a lasting impression on customers. Often this design will also inform other design elements. For example, the same colours and font could then be used to create a lower third text title to use for video presenters or interviewees. There are many ways to work motion graphics into your next video.

Graphics design

In the making

The process of creating a motion graphic is similar to making a video. First look through your script and look for opportunities to use visuals. Do you mention a productivity increase as a result of your product which could be displayed in the form of a graph? Could you show the process of implementing your product into a customer’s business? This could involve a visual timeline with symbols to represent each step. Once you have decided how you want to use graphics, the process is much the same to the video itself. Storyboard your visuals, create your animation, add any audio elements and sound design, review your work, and then finalise with your video. It’s important to think about the visuals for your video from the start. This will make sure the footage and graphics strengthen each other to present a consistent message.

After Effects Time line

Why are they important?

It’s predicted that by 2022, 82% of all internet content will be video according to Cisco. It’s for this reason that it’s so important for businesses to learn how to best use this medium to their advantage. Consider who is your target audience and where do they get their information online? What social platforms do they visit? From there you can create engaging content that best suits that particular site. For example, it has been discovered that most videos on Facebook are viewed without audio. Knowing this, you can create a promotional video which puts more focus on the visuals than the audio which will result in a more effective marketing tool. Effective marketing videos will also include a call to action. This informs the viewer of the ‘next step’ in learning about a service or purchasing a product. Done correctly, motion graphics are an effective marketing tool which give your business a professional feel

Motion Graphics Design

Things to consider

  • Who is your audience? What will they find interesting and engaging?
  • Where will the video be shared? How can you best use that medium to your advantage?
  • What motion graphics make sense for your brand?
  • What is the most effective and impactful way to use graphics?
  • Keep your video short

Video editing

Next Steps

Motion Graphics are a fantastic tool to help you connect with your customers. Keep reading to learn about Colour Grading. Click here to return to the Video Production Process page.