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A professional and reliable way to connect with your audience – in Melbourne, or around the world.

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Does your Melbourne business need to communicate your message using live streaming?

Do you have an important corporate event, conference or training session that you need to hold online?

The new way to connect with your audience

Our world has changed. Melbourne Businesses have moved their live events online. But there is still the same need to create connection, engagement and intimacy. To build relationships and to create community.

Choosing to live stream your event enables you to continue to connect with your market, educate them, and opens you up to a global audience.

The Professional Approach

You may already have started using web casting apps like Zoom, Webex or Facebook Live to hold live events online. For simple live video live stream events, this will be perfectly adequate. And something you can run yourself. There may be other times when you need to take a professional approach:

  • When you don’t want the distraction of having to run the broadcast yourself
  • When you need to avoid the stress of risking something going wrong, and disappointing your audience
  • When you need to ensure high quality image and sound through professional video equipment

Affordable and Efficient

Live streaming technology has evolved – becoming smaller and more affordable. Your audience wants to hear from you. They have questions that they need answered. They need to be trained. They need your leadership. And if you’re not able to gather them together in person in Melbourne, live streaming is the next best thing.

Our webcasting services can be scaled to meet your requirements, and your budget: From a simple single-camera locked off shot of your event. To an extensive multi camera broadcast TV style coverage.

Scalable Melbourne
live streaming

Whether it’s simple single-camera coverage, or a more complex multi- camera approach, we’re ready to help you with the management and production of your online live event video. And it’s never been more important to stay connected: whether it’s with your clients or with your team.

Are you ready to take your event online? To connect and share with your audience, whether they are in Melbourne, or around the world, get in touch to discuss streaming your event on the web.

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Experiences of
Our Live
Streaming Clients

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Michael Cross

Streaming Media Producer

Everything worked out great! Thanks for the support, hope we can do it again sometime.

Corey Hedin

Chief Retail Office, The Good Guys

“I would highly recommend Dream Engine. Their craft, and their artistry with the camera, was incredible. It really meant something to them that we had a great product.”

Caterina Nesci

Marketing Manager, La Trobe Financial

“The quality of the videos is excellent. I would definitely recommend Dream Engine. The experience has always been positive.”