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Professional Melbourne video editors

Do you need a skilled Melbourne video editor to give your raw footage a professional polish? In our cutting edge editing suite in Melbourne we can turn your content into memorable, impactful and professionally edited videography that’s guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention.

Meet our video editors

Video editing is an art form that draws on both technical and creative skills, and our editors are tech-savvy storytellers that go above and beyond to create stunning pieces of beautifully cut videography.

Whether you’re an established brand, start-up, charity or family, our Melbourne video production company can professionally edit your video in our post production studio and bring your story to life. We provide bespoke video editing services to a wide range of corporate and individual clients in Melbourne. Get in touch if you require video editor for:

  • Promotional videos, commercials or ads
  • Corporate or event presentations
  • Explainer and training videos
  • Health and safety videos
  • Social Media content
  • TV programmes
  • Documentaries

Why hire a video editor?

Anyone can film a video, but it takes a professional video editor with the proper tools to turn this video content into a quality, eye-catching product. There’s a huge difference between a professionally edited video and a homemade video – a distinction that becomes all the more important if you’re creating video content for business purposes:

We’ll save you time. A video editing company has the tools, the software and the skills to edit faster than you ever could at home or in the office.

We’ll save you money. A high-quality video requires professional software and a powerful workstation, both of which are expensive. Let us take care of the overhead costs for you.

The professional touch. Our Melbourne video editors are qualified and experienced professionals who will look at your project from a different angle and a different perspective. Plus, we know all the tricks of the trade to make your video better.

Post-production in our Melbourne video editing studio

Post-production takes place in our Melbourne video editing studio, where our talented editing team work with great attention to detail to carefully review every second of your raw footage.

Using a video editing software called Adobe Premiere Pro, we can expertly transform your visual and audio materials into a cohesive, meaningful and stunning visual story for corporate, social media or broadcast. We also use a range of other tools in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite including After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. Our edit suites are equipped with a range of plugins, LUTS and AI tools to enhance and creatively treat your video content.

Find out a little bit more about some of the professional editing techniques we use in our edit studio, and how we work collaboratively with our clients, below.

How our editors work

A Video editor is a storyteller at heart. And, in our editing studio, post-production is a collaborative project. We believe that a comprehensive feedback process is key to creative success, and we seek your feedback every step of the way. Before any editing takes place, we’ll work with you to make sure we understand the tone, feel and objective of the story you want to tell. Then, after we’ve made edits to your raw material, you’ll have a chance to review the draft footage, give us your input and ask any questions. We’ll incorporate your feedback, make amendments and send you an updated version, so you always have complete control of the process.


Timing is essential in professional video editing, and one of the most effective ways to achieve that sought after perfect flow in your video. Yet choosing which shots to keep and which to delete can be a tough decision, especially if you’re working with personal material. Let our editing team make all the hard editing decisions for you. We’re experts at knowing which shots add impact and which can be removed. Plus, we know exactly the right kind of cuts to use, and when.

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Sound editing

Audio and voice-overs can play just as important a part in videography as the visuals. Our professional video editor is skilled in using sound to set the mood of the project, evoke emotions from your audience or help to convey meaning. We can also add dubbing, replace a soundtrack or apply a range of effects to add depth and resonance to your video soundtrack.

Video editors

Professional extras

With Adobe Premiere Pro, we can make your footage come alive with colour grading and by adding layers, animated titles, graphics, visual effects and more. Do you want to make your video pop with different backgrounds?

Perhaps you want to correct the colour of your footage, improve the picture quality, add your logo or change your video overlay. Or add captions, subtitles or create a transcript. In our Melbourne edit studio, we can do all that and more. When we deliver your video to you in its final form, you’ll have a crisp, professionally edited and perfectly paced product with a flawless flow.

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Animation video editing

Do you have a complex idea to communicate or detailed information to deliver? Animated videos could be the best way of connecting with your audience. Whereas an essential message may become buried or confused in an interview-led video, the right animation or motion graphics based video can deliver your information in a very clear and direct way.

Animated videos are produced and edited remotely in our Melbourne edit studio, making them ideal when filming on location isn’t possible. Let our video editor blend together logos, products, animated characters, music and voice-overs or text to successfully get your message out to a wide audience.

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Motion graphic video editing: bring your project to life

Have you got a product to sell, an idea to market or informative content to share? Our video editors can add some extra visual flair to your project with clever motion graphics. Motion graphics uses animation or movement to add an extra dimension to otherwise static graphic design elements. As a pure and clear form of communication, they’re a fantastic tool to explain products, processes or complex subjects in a short amount of time. Our editing team can create moving words that tell your message clearly or animations that bring your logo, product drawings or 2D plans to vibrant audio-visual life. Let our video editors turn your content into an engaging resource that your audience will really pay attention to.

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