How to Use Video to Leverage Your Next Event

There’s a massive amount of time and effort that goes into putting on an event like a conference or a training day. So, it makes sense to leverage it as much as possible. Keep watching, as I run through some of the ways you can use video to make the most of your events.


  • Advantages of recording events on video
  • Multiple ways to use your event video to increase your company profile
  • Hot tips to ensure a successful event video
  • Conclusion

Advantages of recording events on video

The first step, is to make sure you record your events on video. That way, people who weren’t able to be there can get the same benefit that attendees did. And often, people who’ve enjoyed attending an event will want to experience it again. Not recording an event can really be a lost opportunity.

Now that you’ve recorded the event, you can use it in a range of ways:

You can package the video up as a product. If your event featured high calibre speakers sharing cutting edge information, the content can be sold on DVD or online. In fact, event videos can often generate more income than the event itself.

event video Steven Bradbury

Multiple ways to use your event video to increase your company’s profile

Even if the event is purely for internal communication at a company, by documenting it, the video becomes important IP that can be used for training purposes.

Sometimes it might be appropriate to give a video recording to a speaker to thank them for appearing at your event. And once they share this video with their followers, it can help attract a new audience to you.

You can also edit short extracts from the content and share them through social media and video hosting sites. Your audience will appreciate you sharing useful information, and can be used to help drive traffic back to your website.

You may choose to give away a larger section or chapter of the video as a lead magnet. New prospects are happy to exchange their email address for high quality content.

Tips to ensure a successful event video

Since you are filming the event, make sure that you ask the production company to not only film the speakers, but also the room, the people, the catering, and everything else that captures the flavour and energy of the event. You can then commission a 2-3 minute minute video that captures the highlights of the day, and be used to promote future events.

Capturing short testimonials from attendees becomes powerful marketing collateral. They will be excited by what they have learnt, and more than willing to share their positive experience on camera. Often, events, conferences and trade shows will gather together your best customers, so it’s an ideal opportunity to ask them to appear on camera.

event video testimonial

And finally, make sure you get a high quality recording of the event. Your audience will appreciate the effort, it will be easier to consume, and it will show your brand in its best light.

Are you planning to run a corporate event? And how can you leverage it by using video to get more value from it?

Get in touch to discuss your plans for your event video.


 Ryan Spanger


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