Making an Advertising Video for a Software Company

Infomedia is an Australian company that provides software solutions for the servicing sector of the car industry. They provide internal systems as well as customer facing software.

The Brief

Infomedia asked us to create an advertising video that they could use to show new clients what their systems can do and demonstrate how they could increase profitability.

The Challenge

Not many people are familiar with the integration of technology into car servicing so they needed something that would explain what the software did and why it would benefit dealers and customers. An advertising video is perfect for this because it allows you to spell out exactly how something works but in a way that is exciting and engaging.

Making an Advertising Video

Producing an Advertising Video

To film the advertising video, we were given access to a Kia service centre in Sydney to demonstrate Infomedia’s software. A great location adds a lot to a video like this because it adds authenticity whilst being visually interesting. We hired actors to play the part of a customer and a service centre employee. By using actors you can rely on them to be presentable and easy to work with on camera. The result being that they come across as professional and genuine in the video.

Coming up with a shot list was also an important part of making sure we got all the footage we needed. Because we were working to a script it meant we would need specific shots for specific parts of the script. With a shot list we knew we would end up with all the footage we needed and by scheduling out all these shots we allowed ourselves time to make them as visually interesting as possible.

Creating attractive lighting and bringing movement into the video was another important aspect. Good lighting sets a clean and professional tone for the video and heightens the sense that the product is also professional. Movement is a great way of keeping the shots interesting. With machinery lifting cars and actors moving around using the iPad were able to keep the video visually engaging.

Demonstrating the software on the iPad through screen capture was important. Showing the audience an app in use can be challenging for a number of reasons. Reflections and dark LCD screen don’t look good on video. By connecting the iPad to a computer we are able record directly from its screen and then using special effects software we can tilt or pan to different parts of the app to make it dynamic and captivating.

The result.

What we produced for Infomedia was an advertising video that comprehensively demonstrates the different uses for their software and also shows how it increases sales for service centres and makes life easier for customers too.

The video is engaging to watch and presents the software as a professional and a smart decision to invest in for service centres.

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 Ryan Spanger


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