Case Study: Making a Product Video

Warrnambool Cheese and Butter (WCB) is a Victorian based dairy company with a new product they are excited to showcase through a product video. They got in touch with us here at Dream Engine to create a product video that demonstrates their product and all its benefits. Enprocal is the product, (a hybrid word from ENergy, PROtein and CALcium) a high protein supplement for everyday Australians, not just for people looking to bulk up in the gym.


WCB came to us with a rough idea of what they wanted, a two minute video for their new product launch that would show what they product does, who it is designed for and why they should try it.

The rest was up to us.


So began the pre-production stage, which of course begins with the script.




When it comes to scripting a video for a product launch our first step was to establish their goals for the video. WCB had given us some guidelines, but we needed to flesh it out.


We wanted the video to be a natural conversation between two potential users of Enprocal, nothing sales-y or like an infomercial, but a kitchen chat between a husband and wife who have seen the benefits of Enprocal.


We wrote the script with visuals in mind, highlighting the aspirational goals of healthy living and an active lifestyle.

video protein melbourne

We included shots of cycling home through the botanical gardens, jogging and yoga to show the increased energy the supplement provides.


We also had to appeal to an audience that may have never considered adding protein supplements to their diet.




To create the healthy, active vibe WCB were trying to achieve, we cast actors in their early to mid 40s (not your traditional protein users) in an interview style set-up in a family home.


melbourne protein video


The shoot took place over two locations, the “family home” and the Botanical Gardens. We shot an interview with our actors, where they covered the benefits they have gained from using Enprocal, and the reasons they would encourage others to do so. The interviews emphasised that the busy lifestyles of many 30+ Australians prevented them from getting the nutrition they needed to get through the day. The interview would be intercut with footage of the happy couple making various shakes and foods using Enprocal. This was another important aspect that WCB wanted to get across; how versatile Enprocal could be, as opposed to other supplements. As the product is unflavoured, it mixes easily into other foods and especially shakes, so we needed to shoot an array of possibilities and preparations.



Our goal was to edit our footage down to a 2 minute piece that would be used to launch the new product on the Enprocal website. Editing was a fairly simple process of working from the script for the interview and splicing in the relevant B-roll.


The producers also wanted to include a voiceover to deliver the product information such as protein content, to prevent the interview from sounding unnatural or too “sales-y.”


We then cut a shorter, 30 second version from the footage that just got the main points across, that it’s a high protein supplement for everyday Australians and that you can feel more energetic by adding Enprocal to your diet.


Making a successful product launch video requires clear goals and communication with the client. The key benefits of the product should be the focus of the video, as well as making the product look desirable.



 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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