Being able to interview someone really well on video is a skill. It’s an art. But it’s something that can be learnt and practised. It’s something worth learning. Because it will have a big impact on the quality of the content you produce. The most important first step is to build a connection with the […]

 A ‘same day edit’, as the name implies, involves filming, editing and screening an event video – all on the same day. When used at a conference, its a powerful way of capturing the highlights of the event, and presenting it to attendees in a snappy and engaging short video. It’s an exciting way […]

Melbourne has so many excellent video production locations that can really enhance the quality of your corporate video. It’s one thing to have a backdrop that looks great. More importantly, there needs to be coherence between the subject of the video and the setting. Here are 4 of our favourite locations in Melbourne:   Red […]

Vertic Good Friday Appeal Testimonial Video from Ryan Spanger on Vimeo. We’re currently producing a series of case study videos for Vertic, who specialise in providing digital solutions to the Social and Non Profit sector in Australia and New Zealand. Vertic helps their clients transform their systems and processes through using an online platform such […]

Corporate videos are an increasingly popular way for businesses to communicate to their staff, clients or stakeholders. And it’s becoming more popular to use ‘real people’ rather than actors. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll be appearing in a corporate video, which is probably why you’re reading this post 🙂 So here are some […]