Video content marketing is one of those things that has gone from a buzzword, to something switched on business are doing, to something that you basically have to do these days to stay relevant. Here’s how you can get started:   Video Content Marketing basically involves sharing short, useful videos about your area of expertise. […]

Quite a few of our clients are getting into making short videos for Youtube or Linkedin like this one. But when they get started they’re often not sure what to cover, or what structure to use. So I made this web video script formula for them. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback on it, […]

How to make a testimonial video Case Study videos are really powerful. Capture the stories of your best customers. Ask them to talk about what it was like working with you. The impact you’ve had on them. At Dream Engine we make a lot of testimonial videos for our clients. In this video I’ll give […]

Are you doing something interesting? Something important? Are you trying to get your message out there? Do you want to persuade? Are you trying to make an impact? Then the chances are that you will be interviewed on camera. I’ve shot a lot of interviews. Here’s what I’ve noticed the best interviewees do: I know […]

A Call to Action is like a signpost for your site. It’s usually a button, image or link at the end of a video. When a user clicks on them, it takes them to the next step of the process, whether that is getting in touch with you or buying the product. A new trend […]