5 Videos Your Website Must Have

5 Videos Your Website Must Have

The Internet has so much content that it’s now crucial to quickly and effectively grab attention or risk going unnoticed. Without a strategy to set yourself apart from other websites you might find yours overlooked.

Any analysis of website traffic will show that website video is an engaging and effective way to connect with your market audience. Today we look at 5 types of video that you’ll find on great websites and talk about why you should have them too.

Home Page Video

A home page video is vital to the success of a website. It’s your introduction, your chance at a great first impression and an opportunity to capture the attention of your audience. With a successful home page video, visitors will be left wanting more and from here they’ll start to explore the rest of your website.

A home page video for Diamond Protection

There are some important things to remember when setting up a home page video. Consider the splash screen you’re going to use: this is a still image from the video that you’ll see before clicking play. Try to find an image that will draw the viewer in, because you want the splash screen to be intriguing enough to make somebody click ‘play’.

“About Us” video

Now you’ve introduced yourself, it’s great to give people a more comprehensive outline of what it is that you do and why you’re good at it. After snaring interest with a home page video, your audience will want more. An ‘About Us’ video gives you the opportunity topresent your experience and expertise in a way that brings across your personality.

Simon Crowe, The APS

Consider who would be best to put into your ‘About Us’ video. Instead of a wordy, introductory letter from the head of your company, why not let them speak directly to your audience and gain a personal connection. Show your audience that you’re professional and friendly, rather than just telling them. Set your company apart with unique sound and visuals instead of offering the same block of text they’ve seen before. When you take the time to make a positive impression then visitors will want to do business with you.

Case Study video

A case study is one of the best ways to display your skill. By showing clients drawing their own conclusion on the value of your services you’ll gain credibility with the viewer. This method provides genuine dialogue and builds trust in a way that can’t be achieved simply by asserting your results yourself.

A case study video for the Department of Education

Visually seeing results and the reactions from satisfied clients will be far more memorable than simply reading about them. A case study is a great foundation for telling a captivating story; consider the best way to tell yours. Highlight the challenge you helped your client overcome so that the final result is rewarding for the viewer, and be sure to show how and why specifically your company was able to help.

If you give the impression that your company was the obvious solution for a client, your viewers will draw the same conclusion for their own needs. Dream Engine, a Melbourne based video production company, were asked by The Lab to create a case study that demonstrated how they could alleviate stress for schools that were overwhelmed with administration tasks. You can watch the final product below and see how The Lab story unfolds.

FAQ video

A video will solve many of the obstacles that creating an FAQ part of your website might bring up. When the answer to a question is complicated you won’t want visitors getting lost in large slabs of text. A video allows you to support your answers with visuals whilst delivering them in a way that is personal, reassuring and positive. When viewers navigate to FAQ sections on websites they want fast answers.

To keep your FAQ useful, it’s important to use simple language that gets straight to the point. Always keep in mind who will view your FAQs, and make sure all your information is relevant to them. If the answer they were looking for is simple and easy then they’ll draw the same conclusion about doing business with you.

Product video

A product video is a great way to present what you have to offer. An uplifting sound track will ensure the right emotional tone, and a moving image will a fully demonstrate your product. By adding images, sound and text your viewer is fully engaged and your product is unforgettable.

Consider your target market before setting out. This will allow you to make easy creative decisions like the tone of your video and the content. Just because a product video is called a product video, don’t think it has to be simply about your product.

By exploring the problems that your product solves, the experience of using your product and the philosophy behind it, you’ll create something far more engaging than a list of features. By doing this, your reader isn’t comparing apples and pears, they’re comparing apples and a well-thought-out pear with a sense of direction.

Good product videos sell a product and an idea. Selling the product is the goal but a customer will return if you sell them your idea too.

Video gives you a flexible and unique output. You have the potential to create something that accurately represents your business whilst staying engaging and memorable, a memorable video campaign will sell your company and your product. Having these five types of video on your website will ensure a complete experience that will heavily encourage visitors to take action.

For more tips on how to stand out in sales by using video click here to listen to Ryan’s podcast, “How to stand out in sales.”

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 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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