Actors vs Real People

This news update will look at the pros and cons of using either professional actors or real people in your videos.

When you decide to produce a video, one of the big decisions to make is whether or not to hire professional actors or cast real people.

If you don’t choose the appropriate people to feature in your video, it may have a negative impact on how your video is received by the audience. You might also not be aware of all of the specific drawbacks or advantages that each choice can bring to your production.

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Let me run you through each choice, so that you can make the most informed decision possible for your video.

Option #1: Actors

Choosing actors to feature in your video can be a great idea for a few reasons. Firstly, they are comfortable on camera. This is a real advantage if you need a host to guide your viewers through your video. Maybe you’d like to take visitors to you website on a guided tour of your facility, explaining what your company does and what services you provide. A professional actor will easily learn and deliver his lines to camera with minimal need for re-takes. This will allow your production to run smoothly and quickly, leaving you with a professional result.

Actors will be an added cost to your budget, however, and will still need time to rehearse and deliver the best performance they can. The other drawback, that is usually over looked, is if you use them to portray real people doing a real job, it could look inauthentic or contrived.

Option #2: Real People

Using team members for your video has some great benefits. It’s cheaper than hiring professional actors and they will give your video authenticity. It also allows your audience to get to know your business on a personal level by connecting with real people.  You can also have a documentary style approach to your video, which viewers really respond to.

Some disadvantages with using co-workers or employees are that regular people aren’t used to being in front of a camera. This may lead to longer rehearsal times to try and get any acting or lines just right.

Whoever you decide to be in your video, remember to have them sign release forms to protect yourself from any future legal issues.


 Ryan Spanger


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