Tips for Creating A Compelling Video Script

  • April 12, 2017
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Videos should create an emotional connection with the audience. This is easier said than done, and achieving this requires careful planning and a strong foundation. That foundation comes from the script. Here are some tips for creating a compelling video script.

Build Your Video Script

Before you set out to make a video, you will have to ask yourself a few questions. You should start by writing a few sentences about the video and what you intend to promote, whether it be your business or a new product or app.

Who is the audience for the video?

What problems does your company solve?

What benefits will your audience will have from working with you or purchasing from you?

Where will you post the video?

Brainstorm these questions with your collaborators and refine your ideas down to a few sentences. This will provide you with a point of focus to base your video script around.

video script

Act Naturally

When writing your video script, it is a common mistake to write in a corporate, jargon filled manner. This will alienate your audience and they will tune out. People hate being sold to, you don’t need to adopt the tone of a used car salesman to get your message across. Just talk to your audience how you would talk to them in a normal conversation. Don’t cram slogans and hashtags down their throat, keep the tone natural and you will achieve better results for your corporate video.

Don’t Just Write The Lines

video script

When writing a video script, there’s a lot more to consider than what is being said, You have to write down the location, the B-roll to be used (additional shots used over the main presenter/actor), and the other visual aspects to the video. Video is a visual medium after all, so you should pay equal attention to what you want shown, and how you want to show it. The video also needs to create an atmosphere with sound and music, so these should be considered in the scripting process.

Hook the Audience

One term common in video scripting is “the hook.” This is what you will use to reel in viewers, and simply put it’s the driving force behind every successful video. Your video has to have something early in the video to “hook” viewers attention almost immediately, or they will simply scroll on by. The hook should hit the viewer on an emotional level. Now this doesn’t mean you have to make the viewer cry, it just means that viewers need a reason to keep watching. This could mean adding humour, a call to action, or just presenting a problem that your business solves.

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