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Learn About Our
Video Production Process

First time you’ve commissioned a video production? These videos will take you from start to finish.

Stage 1:

If this is the first time you’ll be commissioning a video, or the first time you’ve worked with Dream Engine, some of this will be a little new. But by the time you’ve watched these videos you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Stage 2:

After all of the pre-production planning, it’s exciting to start recording. The great thing about pre-production is that we have a really clear plan, and our goal is now simply to execute that plan.

Stage 3:

Once we have edited your video to draft stage, we send you a password protected link so that you can view the video at your convenience, provide feedback and suggest changes. We then ask for more feedback as we place the finishing touches on your video.

Stage 4:
Marketing, Analytics
and Results

The final step is to get your video out there, doing what it needs to be doing. We’ve put together this vital guide of my Seven Golden Rules for Video Marketing to help make sure you get the right results.