Hair & Makeup for Video Production

Hair & Makeup for your video…

It is important to think about hair and makeup for your video. Having an artist on set will make your video look more professional.

What do they do? 

A hair and makeup artist is a professional hair and makeup specialist. It is their job to prepare anyone who will be on camera. This is usually done while the crew are setting up and getting ready for the day’s filming. Before a shoot it is important to talk with your actors about their characters appearance. Ask them if they would like to work with a professional stylist, or if they would prefer to do it themselves. If they would like a professional artist, talk with them about what they want done. Then give this information to the artist before the shoot.

Take a look at this article for more details on the role of a stylist on set.

Makeup artist

When do you need a Stylist?

The most important time to have a stylist on set is for an interview, or when filming a video where the person talks directly to the camera. It can get hot for actors and interviewees being under studio lights for a long time. An artist can reapply and touch up the person’s makeup while filming. Doing this will reduce redness and shiny patches of skin.


Where to look for an Artist

Video production companies will be able to recommend a hair and makeup artist for your shoot. Often artists will have a website or social media account to advertise their work. Do some research and make sure their style matches the look you want. If you need anything specific, call the artist or meet with them in person before the shoot to talk about the video. This will make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what needs to be done.

Female portrait

Do guys need a Stylist?

Yes! Men need makeup artists too. Sometimes lighting equipment can make people look pale or more red in the face. Wearing makeup on camera can help reduce this and even out skin tones making people look more natural.

Hair and makeup artist

What if I don’t have the budget for a Stylist?

If you don’t have the budget for a stylist there are things you can do. Ask your actor if they would be comfortable doing their own hair and makeup. Most won’t have a problem with this. Just make sure you let them know what look you would like them to have before the shoot. Send them photo examples or even do a test run before the shoot. If the on camera person doesn’t want to do their own makeup you can either do it yourself or go without. There are things you can do in post production to edit skin tones.

Makeup brushes

Next Steps

A hair & makeup artist is a valuable person to have on set. Keep reading for information about Live Streaming. To return to the Video Production Process page, click here.