Live Streaming for video production

Let’s talk Live Streaming

Live streaming a video or event is a great way to boost online engagement and get people interested in your businesses. See how live streaming could help your brand.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is sharing audio or video content live on the internet. It’s similar to how radio and television stations work. Viewers can watch your content online and even interact and chat with the broadcaster. It is a very efficient and low cost way to connect with your customers.

Live Streaming

When to use it

There are a many different situations where you could use live streaming. The most common is for events. This has become more popular due to COVID-19. People who would otherwise not be able to be part of an event can watch it live from anywhere in the world. It can also be used when launching a new product, running competitions, or used as an educational tool for information or training sessions.

Broadcast equipment

What will I need? 

To start streaming you will need a few things;

  • A camera – to record video
  • A microphone – to capture the audio
  • Good lighting – make sure the environment you are in is well lit
  • An encoder – this converts your audio and video files to a format which can be shared online
  • A computer – to connect your content to the internet

Live Streaming

Set up 

Live streaming can be a little intimidating. But if you break it down, there are only five steps.

  1. Connect the audio and video sources that capture content to your device. You could use a computer or phone as your device.
  2. Set up the encoder – the encoder processes the audio and video content into streamable files ready to share on the internet.
  3. Connect the encoder and streaming platform. Your streaming platform is where viewers will be able to watch your content.
  4. Test your internet connection.
  5. Start stream!

Live streaming


Streaming platforms are places where you can broadcast your live stream. A few examples of platforms are Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram, and Twitter. Each platform is slightly different so it is worth doing some research to see which one will be best for you. Also think about who you want to watch your video. Choose the streaming platform that will help you get as many viewers as possible.

For more information on the various live stream platforms, have a read of this article.

Phone viewing live broadcast

Use current content 

With any marketing content you want to make sure it is current. Before starting your live stream ask yourself these questions;

  • Is what I am showing new?
  • Is the topic of my live stream relevant to my customers now?
  • Why should people be interested?
  • Does my brand fit into the everyday lives of my customers?
  • How is what I am talking about going to make my customers feel?

Live Streaming

Next Steps

Live Streaming is a great marketing tool to boost your business and engage with customers. Keep reading for information about Drone Footage. And click here to return to the Video Production Process main menu.