Production Scheduling for video production

It’s time to make a Production Schedule.

In the lead up to shooting a video, creating a detailed production schedule is a must! It’s a detailed plan of your shoot which makes sure everything gets done on time.

What is a call sheet?

A call sheet is a document that outlines everything the cast and crew will need to know about that day’s shoot. Each day of film will have a different call sheet. Details include that day’s shoot location(s), who is needed and when they need to arrive, the day’s schedule including meals and breaks, and what scenes will be shot.

Film slate

How to create a call sheet

A standard call sheet can be broken up into different parts. The top of the page outlines all the general information such as;

  • the production company’s details
  • project title
  • general call time
  • the date and the day number of the total number of days shooting
  • Predicted weather, and
  • a short overview of the schedule.

The next section of the call sheet is about locations. Every location for the day must be outlined with the address and contact number. Below that is the detailed shooting schedule. This outlines;

  • what time to arrive for each camera crew and cast member
  • filming times, and
  • what scene will be shot when.

Under this is the Talent List, then extras and stand-ins. Below this are any special instructions or department notes followed by a crew list.

To make creating your call sheet quicker and easy, use resources online like Boord or Yamdu.

Camera man

Making the most of the time

The filming stage of creating a video is the most expensive. This is why it is so important to make the most of your time. Before the shoot, create detailed shots lists and storyboards. Have a clear plan of attack and make sure everyone involved knows what that plan is. Use your time wisely and try to capture as much footage as possible to avoid needing a reshoot.

Video film crew


When creating your shooting schedule it is important to think about the most efficient way to approach filming. It’s not common for a video to be shot in order of the script. The schedule is usually written by location. If you are shooting a video with multiple locations, group the scenes by location. By shooting in this way, you can reduce time spent setting up, packing down, and travelling.

Film crew


Communication is key to a set running smoothly. Every cast and crew member needs to know what is happening at any given time. They also need to know what they need to be doing. Without this information, miscommunications and delays are bound to come up. Whether you are working with a crew of five or five hundred, everyone should know how to find the information they need. Having clear and open lines of communication with your cast and crew will make a big difference to your shoot.

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Next Steps

It’s important to have a detailed production schedule for your video. Keep reading to learn about Shot Lists. To view the Video Production Process page, click here.