Video Distribution

Let’s get people’s attention

An effective video distribution plan is just as important as planning the video itself. After all, no point making a video if no one can find it.

Marketing Strategy

During the pre-production stage of making your video, it’s important to think about how and where people will see the final product. Before the shoot, develop a clear marketing strategy. This means thinking about your audience. Who’s your audience? How do they like to find information? Do they prefer certain online platforms more than others? This will give you an idea as to where your content should be shared. Also think about the purpose of your video. Is it an instructional or educational video? Are you launching a new product? Do you want people to complete a certain action after watching? The key message(s) and goal of your video will affect how your video should be made, and where it should be shared.

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Past experience

If you have created and launched promotional videos in the past, look at the results of that campaign. This is called your campaign analytics. Before doing anything new, you need to find out what worked, and most importantly, what didn’t work from past campaigns. Find out information like number of plays, the % of the video that was watched, social media engagement, etc. By referring to your past data and analytics, you are less likely to repeat any mistakes made in the past. Depending on the data results, you may also be able to better define your target audience. Look at who paid more attention to your campaign. Were the majority of your views and clicks from a specific demographic or gender? This information will help you narrow down your audience and make your marketing more targeted and potentially more effective.

Check out this article for information on marketing analytics.


Your website is one of the most common places to post video content. But you might be wondering where on the site should your video be shown. If the film is talking about your staff and how the business got started, this could be great for your ‘About us’ page. Or maybe you have created a website video to feature a new product on offer. You want to make sure that the video is shown somewhere that makes sense and is relevant. Doing this will make sure your customers can find the specific information they are looking for.

Another positive of having videos on your site is the effects on SEO. Often people will stay on a site longer if there are videos. This indicates to search engines like Google that your webpage has useful content. Therefore, improving your ranking on search engines.

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Landing Pages 

Videos can greatly improve your landing pages. They provide instant information to your customer in an easy to digest format. When using videos as part of your landing page, there are a few things to think about. The first is relevance. Make sure the video is topical to that specific page. Displaying a video which is not directly related will deter customers. Secondly, make sure the video is the page’s main focus. Creating an engaging and interesting thumbnail can help grab the customers attention. Lastly, think about your call to action. What do you want the view to do after watching the video, or landing on that page? Do you want them to go to your website, or sign up for an email newsletter? This call to action needs to be the key message of the video.

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Email marketing is a great way to connect with people who are already familiar with your brand. To make your emails more engaging and interesting for customers, use a video. Here are a few tips to help with your email marketing campaign:

  • Embed the video thumbnail into your email
  • Keep your videos short and engaging
  • Include a ‘call to action’ in your video
  • Monitor your campaign results (analytics) and adjust as necessary



Videos are great for blog posts. They offer variety and often will make a post more interesting than if it only had text. These videos could be an educational ‘How-To’ featuring a product, a launch video for a new service on offer, or even just a summary of the blog post content.


Social Media 

When it comes to sharing video content online, consider how social media video could help your business. There is so much to know and think about with social media so let’s just cover the basics. When choosing which platforms to use, think about your customers. Is this a platform that your customers use regularly? Once you have chosen your site, think about the best way to utilise that platform’s features.


  • Platform to keeps views on the site
  • Best used to get users attention then direct them to your website
  • Easy to share on other platforms
  • Mainly used for how-to videos or purely for entertainment purposes


  • Videos stand out in news feeds
  • Utilise tag feature to get maximum reach
  • Opportunity for users to share
  • Used for people already interested in your brand
  • Light-hearted content


  • Considered more professional and business focused
  • Ideal networking tool
  • Utilise tag feature to get maximum reach


  • Short 60 second videos as posts, longer content on IGTV, or share on story
  • Utilise tag feature to get maximum reach
  • Opportunity for users to share
  • Focused on impressive visuals

Social media

Next Steps

It’s important to have a clear and detailed distribution plan for your video long before it gets made. This will make sure that not only will people find it, but your target audience will see it. Keep reading for information about TVC Submission and approval. And click here to return to the Video Production Process main menu.