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  • January 22, 2018
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Social Media Optimisation

You can make huge improvements to your video marketing strategy by thoughtfully considering how you can take both your existing video content and edit or repurpose it, or plan new content to have the maximum appeal for each social media channel.

In this post we will take a quick look at some tips for the most common social media outlet. This will also boost your audience reach and help you improve your SEO.  The best way to get value for money out of a video production is to plan ahead to ensure that you can use the footage you capture on the day for multiple purposes and media outlets. For example, Facebook is a very different audience to Snapchat and your videos should reflect that, even if they are covering the same topic.



Facebook has put a huge emphasis on video in the last few, which you will certainly notice by the amount of videos showing up in your news feed these days.  If you are a business that has been using Facebook to market yourself, you need to be aware of how Facebook promotes video in order to get the best results. The first thing you should be doing when it comes to Facebook is to upload your video directly to Facebook, not linking to YouTube or other video hosting services. Facebook’s algorithm favours videos uploaded natively, so this will give you a boost from step one. You also need to remember that by default, Facebook videos play with the sound off, so you may need to add captions, and large bold text throughout the video to really get your message across.




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Instagram is far more focused on visuals when compared to Facebook. As on Facebook, all videos Autoplay on silent, and there is a 60-second limit on content. This limit is handy as it means you have to do some thinking to distill your video down to its purest form.  So eye catching, colourful and slick short videos that work without sound are also best for Instagram. Think hyperlapses, montages of images to a beat (don’t ignore sound completely).

Instagram have also recently added some functionality to their marketing videos in their “Stories” feature, letting you swipe up on an ad to visit your website or to learn more info, giving you two methods to approach marketing with Instagram.



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Twitter is not as firmly embedded in video marketing as other social media platforms, but it’s still a tool you should be using to your advantage. Twitter users can now post videos up to 2 minutes 20 in length, which is more than enough, but it’s how you use Twitter for video that is important. Instead of just posting a link to your latest corporate video and expecting people to watch it, you can embrace video in other ways. As Twitter is a great medium of communication between customers and companies, you should treat video as another way to communicate. Post short video replies to customers questions, respond with appropriate tutorials for customers. This adds a personal touch that can keep customers coming back.


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Snapchat is something of an unknown when it comes to promoting your business. While it is less established as a marketing tool when compared to Facebook and Instagram, it can still be a great tool to reach youth and it’s very simple to use. It has its limitations, videos are recorded live, so it’s more difficult to get a polished looking video, but this can add to the charm of Snapchat. Videos are filmed vertically, and can offer a candid look at the inner working of your business. Using this wisely, for fun, 10 second clips of the goings-on of your business makes your company feel more friendly and open, which can only assist with your brand’s reputation.
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 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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