Planning Your Video Script

You Need a Plan For

Your Video Script

Before you start writing your script, it’s important that you have a clear plan. Here are our top tips when planning your video script.

Why You Need a Script Plan

Once you’ve confirmed the brief with your production company, the scripting process begins. Having a plan for your script will help you visualise your final video before you hit the record button. This will help you see any potential pitfalls or concerns which you can address now rather than in post-production.

The best scripts follow the famous mantra, “Keep it simple”. When creating a video script, keep it simple to help ensure that the plan achieves your objective.

Script Writing

Preparing Your Key Message

Your key message is the main piece of information you want your viewers to take away after watching your video. A strong key message will align your objective with what’s important to your target audience. To identify your key message, think of the reasons why your audience should pay attention to your business?

Ask questions about your objective such as, “I want them to click learn more, what is the most likely bit of information that will get them to do this?”.


Mapping The Script Outline

A script outline is your essential plan for creating a narrative arc. Think of your outline like you would a business elevator pitch.

Your video objective will help define the structure of your outline. For example, your video objective could be:

“To show that our customers benefitted from using our services and in turn attract potential customers to want to learn more about our service”

In this scenario, for a case study video, you could break down the outline structure as the following:

• Intro to the business
• The main challenge your customer was facing
• The solution your business used to overcome this challenge
• The results your customers gained in using your service
• The relationship between you and your customer
• Call to Action (Tell the audience what to do next)

If your video has a story narrative you can build an outline as they recommend in this article by Studio Binder.

script reading

Planning Tone of Voice

A tone of voice is a representation of how your business speaks and how you present your business to the world. A brand’s tone of voice may be funny, trustworthy, reassuring, knowledgeable or easy-going.

For a strong and effective tone-of-voice in your video you need to know the following:

Purpose – Your video objective
Audience – Who is this video for
Message – What you want to convey

For example in this scenario:
Your purpose is to get people to click and learn more
Your audience are young professionals
Your key message is your product is better for the environment

Your tone of voice should reflect the above factors. In this case, it could be informative, entertaining and direct.

tone of voice for script

Plan To Be Authentic

The key to a successful tone-of-voice is to be authentic and use language they’ll understand. Your audience faces a good amount of seriousness and jargon in their daily lives. Remember not to add to it. Your product may be scientific, or technologically complex, but your video doesn’t have to be. A simple and direct tone of voice will entertain, inspire and inform your audience.

Authentic Video Script

Prepare The Video Hook

A well-written hook helps to connect to and intrigue your audience, literally hooking them in. In music, the hook is the section you most likely love in your favourite song. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll stop and listen. Your video script needs a hook if you want your audience to do the same when watching your video.

Be sure to show your hook as soon as possible. Your hook could be the key message or intro, instantly telling the audience what benefit they’re going to get by watching your video. It’s important is that your hook is easy to understand.

Video Script Hook

Next Steps

Having a plan for your script means you will have a stronger understanding of what you need for a successful video script. Contact us if you want to discuss how to start planning your next video script. Our next post will outline how best to write your next video script. To return to the Video Production Process page click here.