Once you decide to make a conference video to capture your upcoming event in Melbourne, the first step is to get clear on the purpose of the video. Do you want to: °Capture and share the event with people who couldn’t be there? °Create a highlights video to show the benefits of attending the conference, […]

We were recently hired to shoot a series of interviews in Melbourne with prominent Country and Blues musicians as part of a documentary about ‘Americana Music’. ‘Americana’ is a term that has come to define a number of music genres emanating from America including Country, Folk and Roots. As part of the project we filmed […]

Writing an effective and attention grabbing script for your videos is an important step in getting your product noticed in a saturated environment. At Dream Engine Melbourne, we can work with you in creating a script for for video that really speaks to your audience. ESTABLISH GOALS Start by going over your goals for the […]

Product videos are used to demonstrate the features and design of your product and showcase the things that will set you apart from your competitors. At Dream Engine Melbourne, we work with you to find your unique selling points and what methods will work best to showcase your product, and your brand. Product research You’ve […]

Dream Engine is a progressive Melbourne video production company. In this article, we’ll be discussing what this means, and why this sets us apart from the competition.