Choosing a video production company

It’s essential that you select the correct production company to produce your upcoming video. When you choose the company that understands your needs, and what you want to communicate, you’ll ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.

Once you get started with the right video marketing strategy, then you’ll be targeting the right audience, sending them the right message, and driving the right response. So you need to work with an experienced video production partner that understands your industry, and the culture of your business.

It’s our first experience hiring a video production company. Where do we start?

If this is the firrst time you’ve worked on a corporate video, our role is to guide you through the process. To explain to you how it works. And then take responsibility for the project.


What else should we be looking for as we assess businesses on the web?

  • Track record: Does the business have credible testimonials and case studies from other companies they’re worked for?
  • Service offering: Does the company promote a range of creative services? Or do they only offer video production? The more services they offer, the less likely they are to have the in-house expertise you need.
  • Convincing videos: As you view some of the videos on their website, be careful not to be swayed by whizz-bang effects. Instead, focus on how clearly and persuasively each video communicates its core message.
  • Industry specific experience: Has the provider worked for other companies in your industry? Industry experience ensures they will understand your business and its unique challenges.
  • A feel-good vibe: What sense are you getting about the business and the people behind it? You want to work with people you feel comfortable with, like and trust.

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