How to Choose the Right Production Company

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You wouldn’t buy shares without doing some research would you? The same goes when making an investment in a video. Take a look online and see what production companies are in your area. Chances are there will be plenty to choose from. So how do you narrow it down. Look at some websites and look through for some examples of their work. Showreels are worth watching to get an idea of quality but you should watch some full length videos as well, as this will give you a better idea of the quality you should expect when working with them. Look at their like of clients as well and look for reputable companies or if other businesses similar to yours have used the company successfully.

Know Your Budget

If it’s your first time making a corporate video, you may understandably not know what budget to set for your project, and that’s fine, a good video production company will help you with that. But it’s worth having a solid idea of what your budget will be as this will determine the size of the production, and to show you some of examples of what can be achieved in the same budget range. A good production company will work with your budget and let you know what limitations there may be and what to expect for your project.

Share Your Plan

When you are planning to create video, your key considerations will all be related to your target audience. These factors will determine the style of the video, how you distribute it and the tone and pacing of the video. You should communicate with the production company before you sign on, as this is where the foundation of your video is made. If they can give you some examples of similar work they’ve done in the past that is close to your vision in terms of quality and content, you can be assured they are capable of doing the same for you.

Listen to Feedback

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Before selection a production company, find out what their clients are saying about them. This is probably the best way to get some insight into what you’ll be working with when you enlist them for your video. See if you can find some reviews of their services, or better yet, speak to someone who has worked with them before. A production company with a good track record will have testimonials from past clients on their website. Watch these through and see what experience they had throughout the production process.

How’s the fit?

Like when shopping for clothes, when shopping for a video production company, it’s all about the fit. By that I mean do you have a rapport with the producer? Do you trust them to get the job done right? And most importantly, do you get on well with them? Creating a video can be hard work, you don’t want to make it any harder by working with a crew that you don’t want to spend any time with. In the early stages when you’re deciding on a production company to work with you should be assured that you’re going to complement each other’s strengths. Once you’ve found the production company that ticks all these boxes, you’re ready to create your video masterpiece.

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