How a Content Marketing Strategy Benefits You

  • August 22, 2016
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An effective video content marketing strategy can give your business an edge by building a relationship with potential customers before they approach you. The first stage is grabbing someone’s interest, and making them want to know more.
Whether it’s delivered through your company website, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or the growing array of social media options, video content needs to be engaging and succinct enough to drive interest in your products.

By creating these videos you open the lines of communication and inform your prospective customers.

Connect and Communicate

You need to engage your customers regularly to ensure that you are front of mind when it comes time to make a purchase. Creating videos for content marketing serves two main functions, to attract new customers and keeping your current customers.

Fortunately there are many ways to create videos that your audience actually wants to watch.

You have to give them something for their time, whether it be some helpful tips, advice, a teaser for an upcoming product or even a tutorial that educates as well as shows off your product.


For our work with TXM, a company that specialises in improving the efficiency of manufacturing businesses, we shot a series of videos that showed how TXM had helped save businesses money, time and space. We shot over 15 videos worth of content at once, and then, once edited, TXM released the videos at regular intervals throughout the next year, giving their current customers relevant advice and information and giving potential customers a look at how TXM is helping other businesses.

By delivering regular videos on how TXM’s process helps business, they are providing their customers with helpful tips, an incentive to use their service, and they are keeping their company at the front of your mind when you see their regular updates.


Demonstrate Your Expertise and Authority

Another way you can provide value to your customers (and potential customers) is to use the medium of video to create a way to show the viewer your expertise and what really sets you apart.


Through our work with SACS, a consulting company that specialises in psychological analysis to assist employers find the right employee for the job. For SACS we used a similar approach to TXM, by planning ahead we shot a number of videos in the one session, covering the topics that would be gradually released over the next few months.




By publishing regular informative videos on a number of key topics that SACS focuses on, they have built an authority as the “go-to” consultants for employee testing. This gives potential customers the confidence that not only can SACS provide a service, but they’re the leaders in the industry.


Boost Your Reach

By publishing regular web videos and content, you can greatly improve your SEO. If you create a plan for your video content marketing strategy you can deliver more traffic to your site to make you the first option for people interested in your services.
By demonstrating your services through tutorials, teasers or case studies, you can post these videos through social media to keep your company front of mind. If you have valuable content that people are willing to share through social media, your online reach will grow rapidly as more people are exposed to your business and what you do.


You can even use this content in the sales process to share with prospective clients, instead of the typical sales followup calls to check in, you can share relevant and useful content related to their enquiries when following up with prospects.

Why Should You Produce Regular Video Content?

By producing regular videos that are valuable to both current customers and potential customers, you are showing the world that you are capable of delivering a quality service or product, and you are showcasing the best aspects of your business.


If you can engage, show your expertise and drive the viewer to take action, then you have the basis of a quality video marketing campaign.


If you are interested in developing your video marketing strategy, contact Dream Engine today.


 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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