Remote Videos for video production

Everything you need to know about remote videos

Remote videos are a great marketing tool which can help your business. Find out how they could benefit your brand.

What are remote videos?

A remote video is when two or more people do a video call and the call is recorded. This could be over FaceTime, Zoom, or on Teams. The footage from this video call is then cut together to create a promotional video. This type of video is perfect for doing interviews when people aren’t able to meet in person. Most of the things you need to think about for a standard video are still relevant. Think about your camera, lighting, and sound.

How do they work?

Shooting a remote video is similar to doing a live stream. Spend some time planning your video so you get it right. Choose a location which is quiet, well lit, and has a background that won’t be distracting for viewers. Make sure the computer you are using has a good quality webcam and microphone. Before your video call make sure everyone knows the talking points.

Zoom call


There are many benefits to remote videos. Unlike live streaming, you do not have to worry about getting everything right the first time. Because you are recording the video, not broadcasting it live, if someone makes a mistake you can simply go back and redo it. Another benefit is being able to edit the video. If there are long pauses between speakers because of a poor internet connection, this can be cut out later to make the video look more professional. Lastly, if you have any technical problems you don’t have to worry about losing views, you can reset and start again.

Zoom call

Top Tips 

  • Choose the right location
  • If you are using Zoom, make sure to select ‘Gallery View’ so the video chat layout doesn’t change for every speaker
  • Use QuickTime to record the video call – Open QuickTime, click ‘File’ then ‘New Movie Recording’. This will make sure the video footage is high quality.

Man on video call

Next Steps

Remote videos are a great way to connect with your customers. Keep reading for information about Stock Footage. Click here to return to the Video Production Process main menu.