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Event video case study

Capture the excitement, movement, and atmosphere of the Alienware stand at PAX Australia, held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.


SOTA Creative needed to ensure that they hired the right camera crew in Melbourne. Because this event was being held in a separate city, they could have faced challenges with their camera crew such as communication, laziness, and poor quality footage.

They wanted to work with an interstate crew that would make filming the event as easy as possible.

They needed a camera crew that:

  • Understood what goes in to capturing an event on video;
  • That are responsible, efficient, and on-time;
  • Can supply them with high-quality footage that is as slick as the Alienware brand itself; and
  • Can work efficiently with minimal direction to get the coverage they need.


Dream Engine filmed on-site at PAX Australia, capturing a wide variety of coverage including the Alienware stand, products, and “Masterclass” video game tutorials. Dream Engine also recorded interviews with Alienware-sponsored professional gamers, and recorded vox pops with people who were checking out their custom-built stand.

On the day, our camera crew was familiar with the running sheet, allowing them to be where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. Our team were attentive to the needs of the SOTA Creative producer on-site, and because our team are familiar with editing, we shot the event in a way that made the footage conducive to editing. This saved SOTA Creative time and stress in post production.

During this event, our team proved that we are:

  • Proactive in our approach to videography, by being on-time and well-informed;
  • Familiar with the structure of shooting and editing event videos; and
  • That we can work confidently and autonomously.


Dream Engine supplied SOTA Creative with beautifully-shot footage that captured the atmosphere of the event. Alienware now have a fast-paced event video to distribute online that captures the energy and excitement of their stand and brand.

From The Client

"I want to say how happy we were with the footage Nick and Nathan shot at the PAX event for Dell. Our Editor especially loved it as he often feels that shots are not held long enough so he was in seventh heaven working with their footage. Looking forward to working with you and the team when we next have work in Melbourne."


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